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Doctors, Nurses, Medical Students, Health and Science Teachers, Hypochondriacs, and anyone else with an interest in the medical condition: If a lack of fun is what ails you, your patience has just been rewarded! Infection, the new board game by Earwig Enterprises is catching on.

Players race around the board catching diseases and trying to be cured. Catch diseases left in public places, pass diseases to other players, get cured in the medical stations. Medicad, Christmas bonuses, and the lottery help pay the bills. Diagnose your disease in the Info center, get it wrong and you catch the disease!

Voodoo says, "Get Infected!"

Expose your family and friends to some ill-advised fun.

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Infection is a game which is meant to be enjoyable and educational. A light-hearted and educational game of human afflictions. Fun for the whole family.

Disease Card The Diseases:
Infection's disease cards provide a wealth of information, they are color coded to indicate the degree of seriousness, from basic diseases to major communicable diseases. Each card includes both the common and Latin name, causes, symptoms, and treatments. Multiple medical libraries and medical professionals have been consulted to insure the accuracy of the information.

Disease Card The Cures:
Infection's treatment options and prices vary over a large range. Visiting the Voodoo Doctor is the cheapest way to go, but his treatments can be unpredictable. The intensive care center is the most expensive place to be cured, but the service there is the best.

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Made in the USA

Remember, always seek professional help when dealing with real medical conditions.

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