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How To Buy The Game

Infection is spreading around the world. You can get you own game by ordering directly from us or through any of the fine stores listed here at the suggested retail price of $30 and $38 for Animal Helpers. 

Infection is continuing to spread and is currently being considered by many stores throughout the world.

Retailers: We are searching for more outlets. If you are interested, please contact us for wholesale prices. 

Made In The USA

The Game
Buy The Game
1 Game $32.00
2 Games $62.00
1 Game w/Animal Helpers $39.50
2 Games w/Animal Helpers $76.00
1 Game w/T-Shirt $40.00
For games shipped to the EU and Austarlia due to the higher cost of postage  

You may also order by mailing checks to:

Earwig Enterprises
37 Sudbury Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035

Please include order details with mail in orders.

Larger quantities are available upon request.

POs may also be sent via email.

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